Fees correct as of April 2020

Diagnosis and Preventative Treatments
Treatment Price
Exam €40
PRSI Exam No charge
Hygiene Treatment €50
PRSI Hygiene Treatment €15
Small radiograph €15
Large radiograph €55
Aesthetic Dentistry
Treatment Price
Cosmetic consultation Complementary
Invisalign consultation Complementary
New Smile consultation Complementary
Cosmetic White Fillings €125
Whitening €250
Composite bonding €150 per tooth
Invisalign €3000-€4800
Veneers/Crowns €950 per tooth
New Smile Veneers €3000-€9000 per arch
Sports Dentistry Treatments
Treatment Price
Sports Dentistry Consultation
[includes full examination, radiographs, hygiene Treatment, lower jaw position assessment]
Protective Mouthguards
[Any colour(s)]
Performance Mouthguards
[includes lower jaw realignment and performance test]
Treatment Price
Invisalign €3000-€4800
Controlled Arch Braces €4500
AGGA treatment €1500
Other Dental Treatments
Treatment Price
Advanced Gum Treatment €150 per quadrant
Dentures €1250-€2000
Root Canal Treatment €500-€800
Extraction €150
Core/Post Preparation €250
Prescription €50
Vhi Dental direct pay available.
Dr John Haughey is Vhi Dental’s Chief Dental Officer.