Position of your teeth

Orthodontics is the way you can improve the position of your teeth to get the smile you want.

You can move your teeth by putting brackets on your teeth and using a wire to pull the teeth into the position you want or by using a series of clear aligners that push the teeth into the position you want.

The most popular Clear Aligner Therapy is Invisalign.

Book a cosmetic consultation appointment to discuss the best option for you.



Shape of your teeth

The shape of your teeth can changed using reconotouring tooth techniques, cosmetic bonding or veneers to improve your smile.

Recontouring involves removing small amounts of your tooth structure to improve the shape.

Cosmetic bonding involves adding cosmetic white filling material to your tooth to improve the shape.

Veneers involve covering the front of your tooth with porcelain to improve the shape of your tooth.

Book a cosmetic consultation appointment to discuss the best option for you.




Colour of your teeth

Tooth whitening using custom made whitening trays and dentist approved whitening gel is the best option for whitening your teeth.

Book a cosmetic consultation appointment to discuss how whitening can improve your smile.




Smile Makeover

If you are unhappy with the way your smile looks, you may be considering cosmetic dental treatment to improve the look of your teeth. There are a wide range of cosmetic treatments available at our practice, with something to suit every patient's needs and budget. For patients who are interested in cosmetic dentistry but are not sure which treatment best suits their needs, we provide smile makeovers.

Smile makeovers make use of the latest technology to assess your smile and work out which treatments will work best to give you the smile of your dreams.

You may be looking for a quick brightness boost in preparation for a special occasion such as a wedding or important business meeting, in which case tooth whitening may give you the smile you've always wanted. Alternatively, if your teeth are gappy, crooked or cracked, we may recommend porcelain veneers, composite bonding or discreet orthodontic treatment.

Once we've established what you want to achieve, we'll use photographs, x-rays and in some cases models to show you what we can do, and discuss the best treatments for your individual case.

Here's how it works:

  1. You'll visit the practice and discuss with our experienced cosmetic dentist what makes you unhappy about your smile, and what you want to achieve.

  2. Your dentist will take photographs and x-rays as necessary, and will scan them into the computer.

  3. They will discuss the various options available to achieve the results you want, and will show you what to expect from various treatment options.

  4. Once you've agreed on your treatment, we will then provide you with a detailed treatment plan. In some cases it is possible to start treatment straight away.

Life Benefits

  • You can see how your new smile will look before you start treatment.

  • You'll be able to choose the best treatment for your individual wants and needs.

  • The result will be a healthy, beautiful smile that you want to show off.




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